Councillor's Report - Councillor Jennifer McKelvie


As we enter a new decade, it’s time to reflect on what is important to our City, and finally make the well-needed investments for infrastructure long-overdue in our neighbourhood.


I am happy to deliver news that the widening of Port Union Road is on track, and the City is nearing completion of the detailed design process between Lawrence Avenue East and Island Road. This will be followed by utility relocation starting later this year. Construction will be completed by Spring 2022. My office will be organizing a community information session prior to the start of construction. Please check my website for the date as it becomes available, or signup for my newsletter at This town hall will be a great opportunity to provide your feedback to me and learn more about this long-overdue project for our community. I hope you can join us.


Other important projects led by Transportation Services this year include road resurfacing and the expansion of the 10-year Cycling Network plan. Local road resurfacing is planned for portions of Beaverbrook Court and Rylander Boulevard this summer. Bike lanes on Lawrence Avenue East, between Port Union Road and Rouge Hills Drive, will also be repainted to meet the intended design and accommodate vehicular and cyclist traffic.


Scarborough received another big win in 2019, when Council approved the relocation of 1,200 well-paying municipal jobs to the Scarborough Civic Centre, as part of reforming the City’s workforce and office space. This includes a $250 million investment towards modernization of City buildings, including the Scarborough Civic Centre, to accommodate this increase in headcount. These initiatives are key planks of a strategic plan that will reduce the number of buildings the City operates from 52 to 20. By streamlining the City’s property and reorganizing its workforce, taxpayers will save $30 million a year, once the plan is fully implemented. This plan is smart, efficient and delivers for Scarborough.


Toronto Hydro will also enter phase 3 of the major capital improvement project which includes Blueking Crescent, Bornholm Drive, Ridgewood Road and Greybeaver Trail. So far to date, Toronto Hydro has spent $9 million on this project, and phase 3 will rebuild and upgrade existing electrical cables and transformers – most of this work is going to be completed on the public property in-front of your homes. The improvement to system reliability means that residents will not continue experiencing constant power outages after storm events in our City. Notices will be sent to residents affected prior to work beginning, and I encourage residents to get in-touch with my office to address concerns.


To be closer to residents of Scarborough-Rouge Park, my team and I have officially moved to 4630 Kingston Road, Unit #20, in the plaza at Manse and Kingston Road. The new office is accessible by the TTC route 86 and regional GO buses. I look forward to continue delivering for our community and look forward to a productive and positive 2020. As always, to keep up to date with local news, please sign up for our e-newsletter at, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter via my handle, @McKelvieWard25. Our office telephone number is 416-338-3771. 

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