MP's Report - Gary Anandasangaree

Dear West Rouge,


With the arrival of Spring, our continued efforts to follow public health measures have helped ensure the continued decline of COVID-19 cases in our community.


However, without the enormous sacrifices of our brave women and men on the front lines, this would not have been possible.

To the healthcare workers who cared for the sick; grocery store workers who kept the shelves stocked; teachers and childcare workers who have comforted our children; volunteers who raised their hand to help those in need; thank you for putting the interests of your neighbours, your community, and your country, ahead of your own.

Vaccine Update


The Government of Canada worked hard to secure one of the most diverse vaccine portfolios in the world. With the approval of Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra Zenica, we can be assured that all Canadians who want a vaccine will get one by September 2021.


But until all Canadians receive a vaccine, we must continue to follow the advice of local health authorities. There is, undoubtedly, light at the end of the tunnel; but we all must continue doing our part to ensure that everyone gets there together.


National Standards for Long-Term Care


Last year, the West Rouge community was heartbroken to learn of the devastating impact of COVID-19 at the Altamont Care Community. From the outset of this pandemic, COVID-19 has torn mercilessly through our long-term care facilities, and taking the lives of thousands of our parents, grandparents, neighbours, and friends.


It has become increasingly clear that the long-term care system in Ontario, and across Canada, is broken. Without significant reforms capable of addressing the inherent failures of these facilities, we will not cure the long-term care crisis.


Vaccinations will protect residents from COVID-19, but they will not protect residents against irregular staffing levels, insufficient hours of direct care, poor incident management planning, or facilities which do not keep up with the changing needs of residents.


Following the release off the Canadian Armed Forces report on long-term care, I have repeatedly called upon the Government of Ontario, and our provincial and territorial partners across the country to join the federal government and establish national standards of care.


There is no acceptable reason why long-term care residents in British Columbia are held to a higher standard of care than those in Ontario.


National standards will enshrine the decency our most vulnerable deserve.

Investing in Canada

To date, the federal government has spent more than 8 of every 10 dollars in Canada to fight COVID-19.

These investments have ensured families can keep food on their tables, look after their loved ones in need of care, keep small businesses solvent, and ensure our economy is ready to come roaring back.


Our government remains committed to supporting Canadians during, and following this pandemic, but we cannot envision the way forward alone.


Listening closely to Canadians, and ensuring they have a say in the way we shape the future of our country, is essential to our collective prosperity.


Earlier this year, our office conducted an open consultation with over 50 Scarborough community organizations in advance of the 2021 federal budget. The four priority areas identified - transit, affordable housing, our environment, and building a more inclusive Canada- will help create jobs, protect our beloved greenspace, and create a more progressive and resilient country for everyone. 


As your Member of Parliament, I will continue advocating for responsible, sustained investment in each of these four vital areas as our government builds Canada back better.


Connect With Us


Until it is safe to meet in-person, my team will continue to provide virtual support to the residents of Scarborough - Rouge Park.

If you need assistance with any federal services, please do not hesitate to contact us at

416-283-1414 or via email at