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Port Union Road Widening

The City of Toronto has completed an update to the 2004 Port Union Road Environmental Assessment Study, which recommended a widening of Port Union Road between Lawrence Avenue East and Island Road to address local transportation needs. It is expected that widening of Port Union Road will commence in 2019.


The Environmental Assessment identified a preferred design which included:


  • Widening of Port Union Road to add a second northbound lane

  • Bicycle lanes

  • Landscaped median from Lawrence Avenue East to Winter  Gardens Trail

  • Continuous centre left-turn lane from Winter Gardens Trail to Island Road

  • Complete sidewalks on both sides of Port Union Road


In consultation with the community as directed by City Council in 2004, the preferred design has been modified in order to reduce property and other impacts to the community, and to meet current City standards and practices.


The updated preferred design provides the same level of service as the original design, but includes the following changes:


  • Length of landscaped median reduced (now between Lawrence Avenue East and Clappison Boulevard only)

  • Section of centre left-turn lane removed south of Josaly Drive

  • Private property no longer required

  • Bike lanes widened from 1.5 metres to 1.8 metres


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