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Rouge Hill GO Station Redevelopment

To allow for expanded (eventually 15 minute) GO train service, rail track widening is needed between Guildwood and Pickering. There are only two rail tracks between Galloway Road and Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering (“Durham Junction”) and this bottleneck currently creates an operational challenge for the entire line, meaning service isn’t as reliable or flexible as it could be.


Metrolinx is proposing to add a third track in this section of the corridor, and is conducting an Environmental Assessment for the project.


The project will involve the addition of a third rail line between Guildwood and Pickering which will impact the Rouge Hill GO train station and will impact the Rouge Valley and Waterfront Trail.


Specifically, the major impacts to our community will be as follows:


  • Loss of 171 parking spaces at the Rouge Hill GO train station

  • Loss of at-grade rail crossing at Chesterton Shores (to be replaced by pedestrian tunnel under rail tracks)

  • Installation of a series of retaining walls along the Waterfront Trail between Rouge Hill GO train station and the mouth of the Rouge River

  • Installation of a second rail truss bridge over the Rouge River

  • Construction of a new train station at Rouge Hill GO

For more information about the project, please visit the Metrolinx website at

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