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Local Schools Reports

West Rouge Junior Public School


It is hard to believe that another school year at West Rouge Junior Public School will soon be coming to an end. It has been a busy, but very successful year.  We would like to thank our staff for the countless opportunities through classroom activities, field trips, and extra-curricular teams and clubs that they have provided to our students. Of significant note is the months of work our dedicated students have put into their musical production of Shrek.


We would also like to thank our School Advisory Council members for their many hours of volunteer work to fund raise to benefit our students and the local community.


As many of you know, our West Rouge SAC hosts an annual Fun Fair each spring. Please mark your calendars to attend the Fun Fair on Saturday, June 1st at West Rouge.  This year we will be introducing new games and activities. We look forward to seeing many of you at this event. Funds raised will go to support student learning opportunities.

We look forward to continuing to learn with and from one another! Thank you for all of your support of West Rouge Jr. P.S.!


Mr. M. Murphy, Principal


William G. Davis Junior Public School 


It continues to be very busy at William G. Davis JR PS and we continue to be so proud of the work that our students are doing. As a school, we continue to have a collective focus on Mindfulness and Growth Mindset as we develop student thinkers and leaders. This includes the recent completion of our wall of positivity in which students have created positive slogans and words that we hope are useful reminders on why being positive is so important for learning and achievement.


We are excited to announce that we will be working with a local artist and an Ojibwa story teller in the development of a student created Mural. This work aligns with our collective focus on Mindfulness and Harmony and connects to the Seven Grandfather teachings. We look forward as our student artists work together to create a lasting art piece that connects the beauty of the Rouge, the Seven Grandfather teachings, and our wonderful school. We are also very pleased with our student’s participation in our Fruity Friday’s initiative that is lead by our principal’s advisory council student leaders, staff, and our local public nurse. We are tracking students as they eat healthy snacks every Friday during the month of February. Our hope is that all students participate in eating a healthy piece of fruit!


Hockey is returning to William G. Davis and we thank our too wonderful coaches Mr. Anthony and Mr. Telenko along with all our amazing parent volunteers and supporters as we prepared our team for our February tournament. The focus of the team is to have fun and I know with the many student who are participating we will. As I write this article, there is snow on the ground but I know how quickly time flies and I look   forward to Track and Field, Softball and Ultimate Frisbee that are upcoming. I know our students will make us proud with their athleticism, sportsmanship, and care.


I continue to be humbled by the wonderful community that William G. Davis JR PS is and I look forward, in partnership supporting our students in their achievement!

Nick Gordon, Principal

Joseph Howe Senior Public School 


Joseph Howe Sr. P.S. offers many extracurricular activities to its students - from school teams to clubs - the variety of activities seems to have something for everyone. I want to share about two of these activities. The Ski Club and The Cooking Club.


The Ski Club is where students take a school bus up to Lakeridge Ski Resort - after school - to spend about six hours on the slopes. The view from the top of the hill at night is exceptionally beautiful. It’s fun for all students, no matter your level of experience. Lakeridge has courses for skiers at any skill level from just starting on the bunny hill, to the double black diamond for the more advanced skier. They also offer lessons for the students on the trip and accommodations inside the resort for the students to put their belongings. Overall Ski Club is a very fun and popular activity for students to partake in.


The Cooking Club is my favourite. It takes place for five weeks from 3pm to 5pm and involves students cooking and eating a meal they prepared. It’s a super fun experience and gives the students an opportunity to bond and learn an essential life skill together. The meals are delicious and The Cooking Club teaches students how to create healthy foods that they can enjoy. The Cooking Club is so popular at Joseph Howe that the students have to enter their name in a lottery to be chosen from. Luckily for me, my name was chosen out of a draw of more than 100 students who wanted to join..


Joseph Howe’s offers much more extracurricular activities and clubs like the Board Game Club, Book Club, Homework Club, and a large variety of sports teams  - like the Ball Hockey Team, Volleyball, Basketball and the Cross Country team. They are all great and fun activities to take part in for students that enjoy any matter of activity.


Griffin Beaton, Joseph Howe Grade 8 Student 

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