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Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

We protect the natural beauty of our community, ensuring responsible growth and development. We support our community, local organizations, events, youth groups, and social causes. We foster partnerships and create opportunities to engage all residents in our diverse community.



We represent our community to ensure that the residents of West Rouge are considered, heard, and understood.


We promote responsible growth in our neighbourhood that is complimentary to the natural beauty of our community and serves to enhance the lives of West Rouge residents.


We keep our community informed of special events and help to provide our residents with opportunities to access their local government representatives.


We work with all levels of government, local decision makers, and advocates with the goal of making West Rouge a better place to live.


We support local organizations. We help build a sense of community by volunteering our time to local causes.



We are unaffiliated with, and uninfluenced by, any political party. We represent the interests of the West Rouge community.


We work as a collective on behalf of West Rouge. Our volunteer team is committed and passionate.

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