West Rouge Life Magazine

West Rouge Life is the West Rouge Community Association’s community magazine which is published and delivered by community volunteers to all 3,400 households in West Rouge along with many local businesses.


As a resident of West Rouge, you will automatically receive a copy of West Rouge Life twice a year. If you don’t get your copy, you can pick one up at the West Rouge Community Centre, the Port Union Library or at many local businesses in our area.


A special thank you is extended to the volunteers who dedicate themselves to producing West Rouge Life magazine and the 80+ Street Captains and Area Coordinators who provide delivery.

To enquire about writing an article for West Rouge Life, please contact the Publisher, Rose Morra. Articles should focus on the West Rouge community or surrounding local area with no soliciting or promoting of businesses.

To enquire about advertising in West Rouge Life, please contact the Director of Advertising, Gita Viswanathan.

You can find past editions of West Rouge Life by clicking on the buttons below.